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House flashcards House            
house roof door window floor wall ceiling chimney
kitchen dining room lounge bedroom bathroom shower toilet bath
towel soap toothbrush toothpaste chair table computer television
telephone newspaper wardrobe stairs washbasin clock mirror bed
toaster fridge washing machine cooker vacuum cleaner broom ironing board iron
plate spoon knife fork kettle frying pan glass cup
dustpan saucepan key carpet lamp umbrella roundabout watering can
Garden flashcards Garden            
garden tree hoe leaves spade wheelbarrow rake flowers
garden fork trowel shed greenhouse path grass lawn mower hedge
hose ladder seeds dustbin slide beehive swings pram
seesaw balloon scooter skipping rope ball pushchair bench kite
flower pot patio plant rope kennel bucket gate fence
Places flashcards Places            
fire station play park airport farm garage railway station school shop
bridge swimming pool river forest church beach city office
castle town street petrol station mountain hospital police station countryside
body flashcards Body            
foot hair head leg eye eyes ear mouth
cheek elbow arm hand knee bottom chest neck
toes fingers shoulder tongue teeth chin back tummy
Vehicle flashcards Vehicles            
lorry bus taxi police car car bicycle petrol lorry fire engine
ship ambulance steamroller dump truck digger tractor aeroplane train
helicopter rocket motorbike submarine boat fishing boat barge van
Fairy tale flashcards Fairy tale            
queen witch dragon knight fairy magic wand king wizard
princess prince dinosaur pirate giant elf angel devil
Animal flashcards Animals            
elephant lion bear polar bear camel zebra crocodile tiger
giraffe rhinoceros gorilla panda hippopotamus kangaroo monkey badger
wolf beaver squirrel deer snake fox mole rabbit
hedgehog dolphin whale fish seal shark bird swan
duck seagull eagle penguin owl parrot cockerel hen
chick bull cow calf donkey goat sheep lamb
pig piglet horse pony cat kitten dog puppy
mouse tortoise goose turkey leopard frog peacock pelican
Family flashcards Family            
family wife husband daughter son mother father baby
brother sister uncle aunt girl cousin boy cousin grandmother grandfather
man woman girl boy Miss Mr Mrs twins
Food flashcards Food            
food breakfast cake chocolate biscuit ice-cream sweet honey
sugar yoghurt milk cheese bread rice butter egg
fruit juice jam fried egg chicken sausage meat salt/pepper tomato sauce
coffee tea water wine shopping trolley basket bottle jar
sandwich pizza candyfloss popcorn hamburger potato chips hot dog doughnut
fruit apple orange banana plum cherry pineapple grapes
lemon peach strawberry melon vegetables beans tomato cabbage
pumpkin mushroom onion carrot cucumber potato lettuce pea
Clothes flashcards Clothes            
dress vest knickers shirt trousers jeans t-shirt blouse
shorts skirt socks tights shoes sandals boots gloves
cardigan hat coat jacket cap scarf tie belt
pyjamas slippers hair brush comb zip glasses bag suitcase
ring necklace bracelet brooch earrings watch purse money
Jobs flashcards Jobs            
doctor firemen postman teacher farmer cook policeman nurse
Seasons flashcards Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter January February March April
May June July August September October November December
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Color flashcards Colours
red green yellow blue purple brown black white
square circle triangle rectangle diamond oval star heart
Weather flashcards Weather
& Time
sun moon wind snow rainbow lighting cloud rain
today tonight yesterday tomorrow morning afternoon evening night
Sport flashcards Sport            
football tennis golf swimming cycling gymnastics basketball skiing
Toys flashcards Toys            
bricks playing cards rocking horse dolls house doll paint box robot teddy bear
Tools flashcards Tools            
hammer saw drill spanner pliers axe tape measure screwdriver
Music flashcards Music            
music drum piano violin guitar trumpet flute xylophone
School flashcards School            
crayons bell map pencil book alphabet numbers paper
flag pen chalk backpack calendar globe glue scissors
Insect flashcards Insects            
ladybird caterpillar butterfly bee fly moth snail spider
Celebration flashcards Celebrations            
Christmas Christmas eve Father Christmas reindeer Christmas tree New Years Day Easter Easter egg
birthday party birthday cake balloons present birthday card candle camera
children toys clown decorations costume games drinking straws ribbon
Verb flashcards Verbs            
be have break make bring take see look
sing dance come go draw paint drink eat
play fall carry hold jump fly give receive
do grow wash help hide find smell love
learn think live work throw catch walk  run
read write buy sell stand sit speak hear
open shut watch listen smile cry push pull
Adjective flashcards Adjectives            
young old tired asleep early late wet dry
hungry thirsty fat thin beautiful clever big small
slow fast tall short strong weak dirty clean
easy difficult soft hard few many near far
light dark hot cold good mean full empty
shiny warm smooth rough wise bad happy colourful
quiet loud sharp blunt rich poor short long
light heavy new lazy brave angry high low
Preposition flashcards Prepositions            
on between over under in out behind in front
Country flashcards Countries            
France Germany Italy Spain Britain United States China Japan
Question flashcards Questions            
question what when where how why which who
Exclamation flashcards Exclamations            
Welcome! Thanks! What! Well done! Watch out! Oh heck! Sure! Sorry!
Key words flashcards Key words            
happiness terrific before after very delicious with without
stop go on forwards backwards up down left right
north south east west whole half yes no
now soon ready let's go wonderful brilliant always never
quick everybody maybe perfect same also other each
Key phrases flashcards Key phrases            
Hello Hi Good morning Good night How are you? Very well,
thank you
Goodbye See you soon
What's your name? My name is... How old
are you?
I am ... years old Please Thank you
very much
Sorry Excuse me
Happy New Year Happy Easter Happy birthday Merry Christmas Okay! Are you okay? Good luck! Bad luck!
Come here Come back Go away Wait Slow down Hurry up What is it? I don't know
Number flashcards Numbers            
one two three four five six seven eight
nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two thirty forty
fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety ninety-one hundred thousand
Alphabet flashcards Alphabet            
Y Z            

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